The Mets are making me so sad 😓

On to the next series.

I wonder if this happens to any of my fellow coworkers..... very often when I type the word "circle" I accidently add a "ci" at the end of it. I mean, I love my employer but shesh.

I won! I entered the raffle by @womensmotoshow here at and I actually won a Sena 50S Dual pack. I think this is the first thing I ever won before so I'm syked. 😁


Recently we got an email from CircleCI announcing a new company benefit. Why? Just because they felt like we could use it. I'm very appreciative right now. 😊

Nanobyte.Cafe now runs a custom version of Mastodon. The only change (so far)? Twoot -> Post. That word was annoying me so much.

This change is available via the web and the Android app.

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